Wallpaper with Bling

Add a little bling in your wallpaper

Wallpaper has come a long way and can be a lot of fun, especially when you want to add a little bit of bling or sparkle to your walls. Today I set out to look for wallpaper at Design Center Associates in Santa Ana. They have a great selection to choose from so searching for the right one was fairly easy. The design look for our client is calling for something contemporary and modern, with just a touch of sparkle or in our case we were hoping for a metallic or chrome element

Ronald Redding Wallpaper

Ronald Redding Wallpaper

Wallpaper Companies to Consider

After flipping through several books from many popular designers and companies, I narrowed it down to about five books. There was some wallpaper with geometric motifs, textured looks, and groovy designs. I opted for a simple but interesting design. I came across a line from Ronald Redding Wallpaper and there on the first page was what I was looking for. It’s a textured single color wallpaper, beautifully encrusted with small pieces of mica that has a beautiful reflective and rich quality to it. Even though it is a single color it appears as though it has many colors in it because of the depth that the mica creates. It comes in four different colors…Copper, Silver, Charcoal and Beige. We will most likely order the copper or the beige.

Wallpaper by Barbara Becker

Barbara Becker Wallpaper

There are others we can select from in case we don’t decide on the Terra Mica samples. DCA (Design Center Associates) allows us to check out their books which makes it much easier to coordinate all of our fabrics and materials.

Wallpaper with Mica

Terra Mica Wallpaper

So whether your design is conservative or wild, modern or traditional, keep in mind that a little bit of twinkle or sparkle can go a long way when putting your look together. Think of it as the icing on your cake. Check out Design Center Associates website for wall coverings, furniture, fabrics and accessories in Orange County, CA.

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Add wallpaper with some bling to your interiors

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