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Pag Island, Croatia

Leave the office or take a vacation! Yes, I know, it’s easier said than done…at least to go on vacation. But getting out of the office is possible for everyone even if it’s just taking a walk through the park on your lunch break instead of eating lunch at your desk. It opens your eyes and frees your mind from the routine of daily life. For me, getting away from my office and my computer screen always brings such a strong creative energy.

Pompeii, Italy

Last year I spent a month in Europe traveling through Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria and Italy. During this time, I was able to clear my mind to think about furniture designs, colorations and ideas for clients. I can not tell you how inspirational these places were…I came back completely changed and inspired by the history and architecture found while exploring these countries. While there, I visited boutiques, flea markets, hotels and mueseums to give me inspiration for current interior design jobs and to search for rare and unusual finds for my own home as well as my clients’. So much a part of making your house a home is collecting these things through your travels. They all add a story and personal touch to your space. When you look at a momento from one of your travels, it takes you back to that place and time and for a minute you feel like you’ve gone back again.

Parliament Building - Budapest, Hungary

So give yourself a break during the day and even if it’s not a long vacation a little breather in between emails, phone calls and deadlines can rejuvenate you. I feel that people who believe in staying at the office 24/7 are truly doing themselves a disservice. You don’t have to travel far to be inspired, just find a place where your eye can wander and see things in a slightly different way.

If you can’t get on a plane I promise you it won’t be a waste of time.


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