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Do you know what Search Engine Optimization is?

Well don’t feel bad, we didn’t either until a few months ago. So let me give you a brief introduction. Basically, SEO means that a website or pages on a website are created and optimized so that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can find them when someone is doing a search for a specific keyword. Proper search engine optimization of your website over time will generate more potential clients and leads to your business by reaching a higher placement in the search engines when a keyword is searched. For example, since I am an interior designer in Orange County California, we had our site optimized using specific keywords like “Orange County interior designer” and incorporated these words into the content and tags of the pages on our website. Not only did this help the search engines find our pages easier, but the pages were “optimized” so that our page lists at the top of Google for a particular “keyword”.

It is important that you focus on a list of keywords that are relevant to your business and to the market you wish to attract. There is a science to this that continues to change and evolve based on the search engines algorithms and formulas. There is a lot to learn about all the different strategies used to get you listed on page one of the search engines for a specific keyword. That is why our design firm turned to SEO for Interior Designers for some help. After doing a bit of research, what we realized is how important it is to keep a website constantly changing and evolving with new content. This will keep our customers coming back to our site to find fresh and new things. We selected SEO for Interior Designers over many other companies simply because they tailor and customize websites and SEO campaigns especially for the interior designers and architects. Click on their logo below to learn more about the company we can’t stop raving about.

They research relevant keywords for our design firm and create “Search Engine Optimized” pages using those keywords. These keyword optimized pages have driven more traffic to our website and business as they are designed to rank in the top 10 spots on Google searches.

They also trained us to manage our own website. We used to have to call our web designer to update everything. We couldn’t add or delete a product or even a photo to our portfolio. Because of the difficulty in making these changes, our website became stagnant and outdated. For many years our website was simply lost in cyberspace and really only visited if we handed out a business card with our web address on it. Now after a few training courses, we can blog, add and delete content and keep things new and exciting for our customers. In just a few months you can see the amount of traffic that we have generated. As a matter of fact our visitors have doubled every month since we began 3 months ago and leads and phone calls have followed. From nothing 3 months ago to now 3,039 Pageviews!

Website Traffic Chart

3 Month Traffic to our Website

Check out their services which offer affordable internet marketing and web design for interior designers nationwide. They’ll help you get your website generating leads…it worked for us and it will work for you!

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