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Turn your child’s playroom into a wonderland through the décor choices you make. Any room or open space can easily be transformed into a kid’s perfect play place with some ingenuity and a little creativity.

Make it Safe and Bright

Colorful Child Playroom with Rubber Tiles

Colorful Child Playroom with Rubber Tiles

Via: Zillow Digs

The floor in this playroom consists of the same foam tiles that nurseries use to keep kids safe. The bright colors excite the senses, making this a fun place for kids to play in. As an added bonus, buying these tiles for your home will likely be cheaper than opting for wall-to-wall carpeting or another floor covering.

Make it Fun


Children’s Room with Bridge and Ladder

Via: Zillow Digs

If you thought ladders and bridges were only for outdoor playgrounds, think again. This family has a rope bridge inside the playroom for the children. This bridge lets kids play out their imagined adventures even when they cannot go outside to a playground. What makes this room stand out is the rest of its design. Dark blue on the walls and ceiling and fish painted under the bridge give the impression of playing in an underwater kingdom. This is the perfect room for a budding little Jacques Cousteau, pretend pirate or imaginary mermaid.

Bring the Outdoors Inside


Child’s Playroom with Exterior Details

Via: Houzz

Bring a playhouse inside your home to create an unusual place for your children. This playroom has the façade of a child-sized house with room enough inside for little ones to enjoy tea with their imaginary friends. The designer even included a child-sized picket fence and a painted tree on the wall outside the indoor playhouse.

Think Surreal


Kid’s Playroom with Racetrack Wall Art

Via: Zillow Digs

It’s no secret that kids have their own crazy imaginings. Why not design their playroom with this in mind. This playroom features a racetrack that runs on the wall. It’s just the kind of wild thing that kids love. Be sure to use toys for decoration that your kids are not going to play with soon, or you may find that your wall-mounted racetrack has been pulled down by a child who wants his toy cars back.

Give Them Reign


Children’s Castle Playroom with Slide

Via: Houzz

Your home may be your castle, but in the playroom, your kids reign. This playroom takes that idea to the extreme by turning it into a castle. This kids’ castle includes a slide to exit, a dining set for royal teas and balconies for having pretend swordfights on.

Design a Fan’s Dream


Sports Themed Child’s Playroom

Via: Zillow Digs

Children’s playrooms can cater to their love of a favorite sport or team. This football fan’s playroom features a larger-than-life football and slides along with wall murals depicting the New York Giants.

Get creative when choosing your playroom designs, and use these six amazing playrooms as inspiration for your upcoming projects. For more kids room ideas go to Modernize.

Guest Post by Jane Blanchard of Modernize

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Many people do not realize how important lighting is to interior design. Decorative lighting is one of the major factors that play into the process of creating the mood of a room and creating the meaning behind what you’ve put together. If you’ve just got a plain or flat lighting, you’re more likely to make people who come into your home uncomfortable. On the other hand, decorative lighting can create the comfortable, “homey” feel that you may be seeking in your Orange County Home.


One important function of a decorative lighting scheme is variation. Using various types of lights, different light levels, and sources that seem to focus on what the room is for. For example, an interior designer may suggest that you put dimmer lights in a bedroom (because it is for sleeping), but brighter lights in a family room or play area (because it is for “fun”). Determine what each room is for before starting to work with lighting, otherwise you could end up with some odd lighting arrangements that don’t match the room’s purpose.

Mulit Pendant Fixture

Mulit Pendant Fixture

Chandeliers are a great option for rooms where you want the lighting source to be a focal point. The objects that are underneath chandeliers become the focal point of the room due to the way that a chandelier diffuses light. You could use a pendant for the same purpose, even though the light diffusion differs. These are just examples of what you could do in your home; any Orange County lighting store can help you determine how each type of light will change the “feel” that your room(s) have.

Modern Dining Chandliers

Modern Dining Chandliers

You can use lighting to create these different moods in miscellaneous ways. Be creative, and see what you come up with while you’re decorating your home. You can find a variety of different lights that will suit your lighting needs at any Orange County furniture store.

Semi Flush Chandelier

Semi Flush Chandelier

If you are looking to redecorate your home and you want the help of an interior designer, there are a lot of options that you have with Orange County Interior Designers. Interior Designers in Orange County and around the world can help you figure out the best look for your home while listening to your thoughts and suggestions in the process. Most of all, have fun! Decorating is supposed to be fun, not stressful, so take the time to enjoy the experience as well. 

Modern Floor Lamp

Modern Floor Lamp

About The Author: Ingo Schaer is the President and CEO of He has been in the lighting business for more than 20 years and is holding a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering.  He regularly blogs on a variety of Modern lighting and Interior Design topics, often focusing on practical solutions. You can find him on Google +.

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Six Great Places to Find Modern and Contemporary Furniture in Orange County

Transforming an average home into a modern masterpiece is easy as pie in Orange County, California. The city boasts bountiful contemporary furniture and lighting stores and there are plenty of firms in town that specialize in interior design consulting. If you are looking for a new accent table for your living room or completely redesigning your home, the following six companies are some favorites in the Orange County region.  

Metropolix Contemporary Furnishings

Metropolix Contemporary Furnishings is one of the most popular local furniture stores, located in Laguna Hills. This company specializes in unique contemporary furniture and home accents including sofas, beds, windows and door furnishings, coffee tables, desks, and chairs, each one with a touch of class and comfort. One of the aspects of Metropolix that customers love so much is that they supply furniture made in the USA that can be custom-sized with your choice of hundreds of fabrics. Shopping here, you can be sure that you will have a unique and personalized accent for your home.

Cantoni Modern Furniture

Modern Cow Hide Sofas

Modern Cowhide Sofas from Cantoni

Cantoni is another favorite modern furniture store. Located in Irvine, California, Cantoni boasts ever-changing showrooms of contemporary furniture and home accents that are sure to open eyes. Almost everything you are looking for can be found in this store, from kitchens to bedrooms to living rooms, and more. Not too sure what you’re looking for, or maybe completely overwhelmed by the countless options? Never fear, Cantoni has interior designers working specifically to help you design the interiors of your dream home.

Uni-Lite Lighting

Modern Lighting Orange County

Modern Chandelier from Uni-Lite

If you are looking for the perfect lighting accent for your home, explore Uni-Lite Lighting’s 32,000 square foot business in Anaheim. Specializing in indoor and outdoor lighting for both single rooms and entire homes, Uni-Lite is a local favorite for finding modern light accents that also serve as conversation pieces. This company has gotten to know the interior design trends in Orange County over the past forty years and have supplied their products not only to homeowners but also local architects and businesses.

Living Spaces

Modern Bedroom Furniture

Modern Bedroom Furniture from Living Spaces

Irvine is one of ten places in southern California where you can find Living Spaces. In addition to selling both modern and classic furniture, Living Spaces sells unique accessories to liven up your home or business. What makes a shopping experience here so special is how customer-friendly the business is. When you visit the store you receive a free cup of Starbucks and can leave your kids in a supervised play room while you shop. Online orders offer you same-day delivery for furniture you just can’t wait to see in your own home.

Plummers Furniture

Modern Living Room Orang

Modern Living Room from Plummers

Plummers is yet another marvelous contemporary furniture company in Irvine. They supply furniture and accessories for indoor and outdoor use, either in the home or at the office. Their unique products have a fresh, fun, and relaxing appeal to consumers, which has helped the company become one of the best locations to find contemporary furnishings in Orange County. Fun fact: Plummers has installed solar panels at their warehouse in Petaluma, and they boast the fact that they use recycled wood and sustainable supplies in many of their products.   

Pal + Smith Furniture

Modern Dining Room Orang

Modern Dining Room from Pal + Smith

Pal + Smith may provide some of the most exceptional contemporary options for interior design in Orange County. Located in Costa Mesa, the company has pushed the boundaries of modern furnishings for the past thirty years. The bold colors and unique shapes of their furniture are bound to start conversations. Among many other major style magazines, Elle Décor recognized Pal + Smith in October 2011 as one of “The Best New Stores.” If you need help deciding the best combination of pieces for your home, Pal + Smith offers hourly consulting for interior design as well as a multitude of other services.

These six companies provide some of the best contemporary interior designs in Orange County. If you still aren’t quite sure where to start when designing or redesigning your home, you can contact Christopher James Interiors, one of the leading interior design firms specializing in finding the best accents for your home. Regardless of what vision you have for your interior, you can find exactly what you’re looking for in Orange County.

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How To Incorporate The Elements Of Feng Shui Into your Home

Incorporating Feng Shui into your interior design brings balance and good fortune to your home. More than just picking attractive furniture and decor, the placement and arrangement of furnishings and accessories, as well as deliberate color combinations, can make a significant difference in the “Qi” or energy of the room.

Orange County Feng Shui

Interior Design and Feng Shui Create Harmony

However, you still want to make sure that your Orange County home is visually appealing and functional, so you will want your Feng Shui interior design to balance the basic beliefs of the Eastern practice along with modern tastes.

Feng Shui Orange County Bathroom

Modern Zen Bathroom

Below are a few tips on how to improve the energy in your house and bring luck to your life, while adding the decorating flairs and touches that gives your home personality:

Practical matters

Position furniture carefully.This tip is both practical and feng shui-related: careful positioning of furniture improves the energy’s flow throughout the room. Furniture should not prevent free passage through the room as this blocks both your daily path and the Qi from flowing naturally. Ideally, seating areas should be flush with a wall, instead of facing a walkway or another room.

Separate work and rest areas. Avoid setting up a work office in your bedroom. The energy of a work space will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep if it is set up in the bedroom.

Lighting. Light plays a major role in feng shui, as it is a major source of good energy. Soft lighting is linked with positive energy which wall sconces provide. Without proper illumination, carefully picked color combinations, decor and furniture may not be as effective for a feng shui lifestyle. Our eye tends to be drawn to where the light is shining, so by spotlighting certain objects and areas, you are able to support your intentions. Avoid dark corners, which can absorb and stall the flow of energy, by filling them with a source of soft light.

Feng Shui Bedroom Orange County

Modern Bedroom

De-clutter! Clutter is considered to be a major burden in feng shui. De-cluttering is believed to be absolutely fundamental to ensuring balance in the home, as clutter blocks the flow of energy. On a practical level, clutter can lead to increased stress levels.

Remove clutter from all rooms in the house. One of the best places to start is the bedroom, where you want the most relaxation as possible. Create a “keep”, “relocate” and “trash” pile for all the items littered on the surfaces and floors of each room. Then, relocate the items to their proper locations, and throw away the trash. Organize the “keep” items into drawers, shelves or labeled boxes for easy access.

Design elements

Mirrors. A key accessory in feng shui interior design, mirrors are believed to reflect positive energy and prevent the flow of negative energy. Placement is key, however. Avoid putting a mirror facing the front door, as you don’t want to bounce the positive energy entering the house to creep its way out. Mirrors should also be used sparingly (if at all) in the bedroom. Bedrooms are considered calm spaces with more yin energy; mirrors bring a lot of yang energy, canceling out the calming yin needed in the bedroom.

Live plants, fresh fruit and cut or potted flowers. Indoor plants, floral bouquets and fresh fruit all generate positive energy. Potted plants also represent earth and wood elements (two of the five feng shui elements needed for harmony and balance).

However, you should avoid using dried flowers. Dried flowers are considered sources of bad energy in feng shui as they represent something that is dead. Throw away all dead or dying plants, including wilting flowers. The exception is if the dried bouquet is a keepsake from someone dear to you, then the energy associated with it is positive.

Feng Shui Bathroom Orange County

Feng Shui Bathroom

Add a water feature. Considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, it is important to incorporate water elements in your feng shui decorating scheme. A water feature is an eye-catching way to add two of the five essential elements of feng shui (wind and water). Whether you choose a water fountain, a water wall or a fish tank, a water feature is a soothing focal point to any room, promoting relaxation. Be careful not to add water features to the bedroom as it can introduce the element of worry.

Feng Shui Outdoor Water Feature

Outdoor Water Feature

Mix up your shapes. Each shape represents a different feng shui element: square (wood), round/oval (metal), striped and floral (wood), wavy (water) and pointy (fire) shapes all need to be present in your accessories and decor to ensure balance.  Mixing and matching is not only an excellent way to bring harmony into your living space, but it also adds depth and dimension to your interior design.

Choose colors carefully. Intentionally choosing the right colors for each room is key in feng shui, as each color and color combination represent different types of energy. Green is linked with hope and nature, yellow with power and red is considered auspicious. Orange helps create an atmosphere of ease and promotes conversation in large groups of people, making it an ideal color for living rooms and other areas where you plan on hosting guests. Blues and greens can also help promote a calm atmosphere, which are perfect for bedrooms and other locations designed for relaxation and rest.

With these simple feng shui tips, you can improve balance and harmony in your Orange County abode and life all without having to invest in crazy interior design schemes or busts of Buddha and other auspicious statues. Just keep in mind the importance of the flow of energy and incorporate a few well-chosen and well-placed accessories to fully reap the benefits of feng shui.

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer, yoga enthusiast and business owner in the Los Angeles area. In addition to incorporating feng shui into her yoga and meditation room, she also includes the elements of feng shui throughout the rest of her home. Follow her on Pinterest today!

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I’ve recently started a new interior design project in a beautiful gated community of Orange Hills in Orange County, California.  My client has asked that I begin the design for the family room, dining nook and kitchen so that they can move in as soon as possible.  I’ll continue designing the rest of this 7,000 square foot home once the main areas are designed.  I wanted to share the interior design project and some before photos, conceptual design ideas and the floor plan to journal my progress from beginning to end.  The family room is approximately 18′ x 29′ and the ceilings are 14′ high.  Decorating a large room can be a bit challenging and I need to make sure the scale of the furniture is not over powered by the oversized space.

The Design Concept

Transitional Interior Design - Family Room Mood Board

Family Room Mood Board

I’ve decided to go with an elegant and sophisticated design.  The furnishings are transitional in style with very clean lines.  The furniture pieces have an arched leg and the fabrics, rug and accessories have a circular theme.  My clients taste is very neutral…tone on tone.  So I’m keeping things neutral on the walls and introducing a pale blue to bring in some color.  The finishes on the furniture will be a medium brown and very clean with no distressing.

The Canvas

Window Wall

Side Window Wall


Family Room - Bar Area

Family Room Fireplace Wall

Family Room - Fireplace Wall

The walls are a ginger yellow and the floors are a polished cream marble.  I would like to add a grass wallcovering in the recessed squares on the ceiling and also on the fireplace wall.  I think this will help this large room with contrast, texture and giving it a more intimate and cozy feel.  The window treatments on the far wall are going to be tricky because of the size.  I’m thinking a very large motorized woven shade flanked by non-functioning drapery panels and a soft, box pleated valance in the same fabric as the side panels…a striped silk.  The blue rug will set the furniture off of the light colored marble floors and bring some color and softness to the space.

The Floor Plan

Family Room Floor Plan

Family Room - Floor Plan

The Furniture Details and Budget

Sofas – Custom – $6,628 each – 33 yds fabric required for both

Sofa Fabric – Stroheim & Romann – $160/yd

Chair – Custom – $3,906 – 9 yds fabric needed

Chair Fabric – Beacon Hill – $168/yd

Coffee Table – Fremarc Design – $4,037

36″ Lamp Table – Fremarc Design – $3,987.50

Benches – Baker Furniture – $2,535 each

Lamp – Arteriors Home – $540

Barstools – Century Furniture – $2,490 each (w/ leather)

Rug – Surya (Custom 12′ x 15′) – $5,040

Window Treatments – $9,670

Total Family Room Cost - $62,258.50

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of this interior design project.  I’m estimating 6-8 weeks to completion since most of the furniture is customized with sizes, fabrics and finishes.  What do you think of the interior design concept?  Do you have any special tips for decorating large rooms?  What interior design projects are you working on?  I’d love to hear from you!

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There’s nothing like the combination of turquoise and orange to make a room come alive.  Although not a color combination you see every day in the interior design world, if you want that pop of color, this just may be the color scheme for you.  These two colors tend to take me to the beach.  They also remind me of a Caribbean trip I took a few years back to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico with the vibrant exteriors of the homes there.  So whatever it is, I’m drawn to it and when I find my perfect dream beach bungalow (pictured below…I wish!)…these two colors are going to get a room all to their own.

Turquoise and Orange on the Beach

Beach Cottage
My Dream Beach Bungalow

What a life!  Can you imagine waking up here and having your morning coffee!?  Here are a few beach inspired interiors using turquoise and orange

Orange Turquoise Beach Living Room Design

I love the pale blue walls in this room with the black and white artwork.  These two colors work great as just an accent against the bright white wainscoting and sofa.  Gives it such a crisp and clean look.

Orange turquoise color palette
Colors Pulled from the Sea

This is a color palette from  This is a great website to come up with some beautiful color palettes.  This butterfly fish has all the colors in it to inspire and create a colorful beachfront retreat.


This is so beautiful!  I’m liking the color of these walls too…with the embroidered sea fan on a piece of burlap in a shadow box as artwork.  The driftwood gives it a natural and organic feel.

Orange-Turquoise-Color-Palette with sea shells

Another color palette inspired by a grouping of seashells.


This vignette has such an eclectic feel with the combination of unique pieces. The orange elephant legged console table stands out beautifully in front of the aqua blue and white striped walls. The seashell lamps give just a touch of a coastal feel.

Orange-Turquoise-Console-Table-Interior Design

A modern take on coastal interior design with the streamlined white lacquered console table and frames showcasing sea fans.  Walls in a dark brown faux linen finish makes these lighter pieces really stand out.

Orange-Turquoise-Console-Interior-Color-PaletteThis is a great new feature that I found from Sherwin-Williams paint company.  Go to and drag the “chip it” button to your toolbar.  Now you can turn any picture, on any website, into a palette pulled from over 1,500 paint colors.  Pretty cool huh!?  So I took the picture used above and clicked the “chip it” button and voila, you’ve got your paint colors.  How about “Obstinate Orange”?  1. (adj.) obstinate firmly or stubbornly adhering to a purpose, opinion, or course of action.  I guess this orange is on a mission!  Orange ya glad I pointed this out!?  Okay focus again…

Asian Fusion Interiors using Turquoise and Orange


This bedroom design uses the color combination in a bold and vibrant way.  Compared to some of the other interiors that go on the lighter more subdued end of the spectrum.  I like both, and this room has a zen-like Asian flare with the use of the figurines and the pagoda style lamp base.


Here’s an Asian inspired living room design, but this palette is  much softer and serene looking.  The Chinoiserie throw pillows are set atop a classic french style sofa covered in a casual burlap style fabric.  The gold bamboo coffee table adds another element to the interior design.

Bedroom Interiors using Turquoise and Orange


This bedroom design uses the blue on the walls and accents with orange pillows and drapery.  Just enough without overdoing it.


This bedroom has a lot going on but I love the dark brown walls and the striped ceiling.  It has a tropical feel  with the palm linen print headboard and drapery, white caned bench at the end of the bed and the zebra rug.


A complete contrast to the previous bedroom design, this bedroom sets off the colors using the bright white walls and floors.  Very clean, crisp and fresh!




This vignette brings the ocean inside with the use of shells on the table.  The zebra ottoman introduces an African flare.  Kind of a juxtaposition of styles but it works.  Where’s the turquoise you ask…I know…so we’ll just say there’s a drop of blue in the wall color!  ;)


I absolutely love the color of this door! This is the type of vibrant color you see in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Again, I used the “Chip It” button to create the palette for this photo.
Another vibrant combination of these colors. Most of the rooms using this color palette do the turquoise on the wall but if you want to get bold try reversing it. This room looks like it wood be on the other side of the door above.
What a great painting to backdrop this white sofa. This is inspiring me to get out my canvases and paint! Just in case you’re not inspired yet, here are a few mood boards to get you going…

Turquoise and Orange Inspiration



Love the drapery in this room with the coral border design. Pillows with a great pattern and some gerber daisies to complete the look.

Turquoise and Orange Fabrics

Orange-Turquoise-Chair-Pillow-InteriorThese fabrics are from the Indoor/Outdoor Taza Collection…a lot of great designs for your outdoor furniture.


So with all of this turquoise and orange inspiration, I know I’m ready to start a project using this color palette. Have you used these two colors in one of your projects? I’d love to see what you’ve done using these two beautiful colors.

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Image Sources: Pinterest, Houzz, House of Turquoise, Morgan Harrison Home, Lonny, EJ Interiors, Emily Followill, House Beautiful, Design Seeds, Elle Decor
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Do you know what Search Engine Optimization is?

Well don’t feel bad, we didn’t either until a few months ago.  So let me give you a brief introduction of what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is.  Basically, SEO means that a website or pages on a website are created and optimized so that search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo can find them when someone is doing a search for a specific keyword.  Proper search engine optimization of your website over time will generate more potential clients and leads to your business by reaching a higher placement in the search engines when a keyword is searched. For example, since I am an interior designer in Orange County California, we had our site optimized using specific keywords like “Orange County interior designer” and incorporated these words into the content and tags of the pages on our website.  Not only did this help the search engines find our pages easier, but the pages were “optimized” so that our page lists at the top of Google for a particular “keyword”.  Here’s a video that explains a bit more about search engine optimization (SEO)…

It is important that you focus on a list of keywords that are relevant to your business and to the market you wish to attract. There is a science to this that continues to change and evolve based on the search engines algorithms and formulas. There is a lot to learn about all the different strategies used to get you listed on page one of the search engines for a specific keyword.  That is why our design firm turned to SEO for Interior Designers for some help.  After doing a bit of research, what we realized is how important it is to keep a website constantly changing and evolving with new content.   This will keep our customers coming back to our site to find fresh and new things.  We selected SEO for Interior Designers over many other companies doing SEO simply because they tailor and customize websites and SEO campaigns especially for the interior design trade and architects.  Click on their logo below to learn more about the company we can’t stop raving about.

SEO for Interior Designers

Here’s what they do:

They research relevant keywords for our design firm and create “Search Engine Optimized” pages using those keywords.  These keyword optimized pages have driven more traffic to our website and business as they are designed to rank in the top 10 spots on Google searches.

They also trained us to manage our own website.  We used to have to call our web designer to update everything.  We couldn’t add or delete a product or even a photo to our portfolio.  Because of the difficulty in making these changes, our website became stagnant and outdated.  For many years our website was simply lost in cyberspace and really only visited if we handed out a business card with our web address on it.  Now after a few training courses from SEO for Interior Designers we can blog, add and delete content and keep things new and exciting for our customers.  In just a few months you can see the amount of traffic that we have generated.  As a matter of fact our visitors have doubled every month since we began 3 months ago and leads and phone calls have followed.  From nothing 3 months ago to now 3,039 Pageviews!

Website Traffic to Orange County interior design firm

3 Month Traffic to our Website

SEO for Interior Designers offers affordable internet marketing services and web design for interior designers nationwide.  So contact them today and they’ll get your website generating leads for you!  It worked for us and it will work for you.

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Interior Design Showroom Bliss Linens

One of my favorite places for home furnishings, bedding and home accessories in Orange County, Calfornia is Bliss Home located on Pacific Coast Highway in Corona Del Mar.  The owner and interior designer behind it all is Ohara Davies-Gaetano.  If you’re an interior designer or just someone looking for inspiration, there is always something new, fresh and exciting at this store.  It’s easily seen from the street with its bright orange painted storefront.  All of the pieces there seem to have a story behind them.  The finishes are impeccable and only achieved by time and weathering.  From old stone pots to coral and sea life, one is bound to be overstimulated visually by all there is to see.  And not only are the pieces beautiful they are arranged and set up in wonderful displays and vignettes.  Some of the other highlights of the store are the luxurious bed linens and pillows.  The way they’re made up makes you want to jump right in.  Many of the walls have bright beautiful colors of Venetian plaster and the entry wood floor looks like an old distressed, hand painted fresco.

Aqua Blue and White Clock Vignette
Aqua Blue and White Clock Vignette

This is one example of the many beautiful vignettes you will see.  Here a large rustic clock in white and aqua blue backdrop this vignette flanked by old rustic candle sticks and coral.

Coastal Living Room Design
Coastal Living Room Design
Seafoam Living Room Design
Coastal Living Room Design

Using the same color palette as the photos above, neutrals with an accent of aqua blue give this coastal living room design a pop of color.  If you’ve got a beach cottage you’ll love this place for all of the sea and ocean artifacts they offer.

Butterfly Artwork and Zebra Ottoman Vignette
Butterfly Artwork and Zebra Ottoman Vignette

Nature is brought into this vignette with butterfly artwork and a zebra ottoman

Transitional Dining Room Design
Transitional Dining Room Design

In this dining room design, rust colored leather chairs surround a large, dark wood table.  The modern, abstract art mixes nicely with the juxtaposition of the old distressed columns.

Tall Armoire Vignette
Tall Armoire Vignette

Love the scale of this armoire with the detailed front doors and the large wooden spheres.

Rustic and Neutral Vignette Design
Rustic and Neutral Vignette Design

Another beautiful example of one of the many displays…love all the neutral colors, finishes and the large giant clam.

Shelving Unit Vignette
Shelving Unit Vignette

An iron shelving unit shows off more sea inspired accessories.

Blue and Green Bedroom Design
Blue and Green Bedroom Design

A colorful bedroom design using blue and green bed linens and pillows.

Bliss Store Display
Bliss Store Display

A rust sofa is backed by an antique mirror displayed in the Orange County interior design showroom

Now that I’ve given you a little taste of this Orange County interior design showroom, do yourself a favor and go check out what interior designer Ohara Davies-Gaetano is up to.  Trust me you won’t be disappointed and more than likely you’ll leave inspired with new ideas.

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All photos via Bliss Home
Orange County interior designer Chris Givan takes a field trip to Bliss Home in Corona Del Mar, California.  Interior design topics such as living room design, dining room design, bedroom design, Venetian plaster and butterfly artwork are featured.
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With the hectic and stressful lives that many of us lead today, the bedroom is a good place to escape, unwind and recharge.  So many times a bedroom ends up being a place of clutter and disarray instead of a haven that it should be. If you dream of turning your bedroom in to a world of tranquility, then why not start today. As one of the top interior designers in Orange County we can assist you with the bedroom design of your dreams.

Black and White Modern Bedroom Design

Modern Bedroom Design in Black and White

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There are many advantages of working with a professional kitchen designer…

Designing your ultimate kitchen should be well thought out and planned. Before you begin your project, spend some time looking through interior design magazines and books to gather all of the ideas you’d like to see incorporated into your kitchen design. Once you have a clear understanding of what it is you’re trying to accomplish, look into consulting with a kitchen design specialist. They will be able to help you work through the interior design process, bring ideas to the table that you hadn’t thought of and in the long run prevent you from making costly mistakes.

Hamptons Kitchen Design

Hamptons Style Kitchen

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