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Hello Christopher James Interiors readers.  My name is Edward and I am excited to be guest blogging for you all today.  Now that summer is finally here it’s time to let the warm summer air in.  Spring is behind us, so why not let the bright friendly vestiges of summer enter your home? When you’re decorating for summer, you’ll want to keep a few details in mind to get that fresh summery look.


Summer décor is all about color…pale blues, whites, greens and vibrant colors. Since you can’t go repainting your house multiple times per year, an easy way to influence the general color scheme for the season is to go with neutral colors in your furniture and walls, and to accent it variably depending on the season. Or if you’re bold enough, just go for it and paint your walls a bright color like the brightly painted orange living room below.  I like to hang up summertime artwork with bright framed art prints, or do something as easily as switching out decorative pillows on my couch, using a pale green table cloth, or hanging up lighter linen summer curtains.

Orange County Living Room Color

Vibrant Wall Colors and Accessories


The hallmark of summer is, of course, living and growing things. Before it gets warm go and make starters for all your garden plants and place them strategically around your house to add a splash of green near your windows. In addition, you can hang plant baskets from the ceiling that will eventually have greenery spilling down over the sides in a very aesthetically pleasing manner. If you’re not sure what you’d like to plant, place a pot near a window and simply toss seeds or food waste in there while you’re cooking to see what germinates. I’ve accidentally started kiwi plants, bell peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers, all of which make for some fairly attractive plants while they’re still young.

Orange County Interior Plants

Add Plants and Floral Arrangements


One important component that tends to be forgotten is the lighting in your home. In the winter you’ll have heavy curtains shut tight to hold out the chill and your lighting will be artificial or from your fireplace. In the summer, it’s time to let the sun shine in. Get rid of any heavy curtains and replace them with light, more permeable looking ones. If that’s not an option just open them up wide. Remove any obstructions that keep the light from entering the room. If you have small windows or not very many of them you can make the most of the light you do get by placing mirrors opposite your windows to reflect and spread the light into the space more effectively.

Orange County Kitchen Lighting

Make a Statement with Lighting


To create a bright open feel, open up your floor space by rearranging your furniture. To maximize your floor space and get that wide open feel, position your furniture up against your walls, facing inward. Additionally, using glass tabletops or décor items like vases will help to limit the sense of obstruction you feel from the things that are placed in the middle of the room, while also helping to further reflect and refract incoming light to brighten up the space.

I hope some of my tips will inspire you to create a bright new look for your rooms.  Let me know what you’re doing in your home to create a light and summery feel.  I’d love to see what influences and inspires you, so send in your photos and comments!  Have a great summer!

Orange County Coastal Beach Modern Design

Brighten up your Furniture

Edward is an art and decoration enthusiast as well as an online publisher. He writes on topics of art, history, design, and home decor.

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Beach, Nautical and Coastal Interiors

Decorating interiors on the beach is always one of my favorite locations to work.  You can’t get much better than working on the water.  I am so inspired by the water, sand and sea life that comes from this type of living.  If I had to choose just one place to work…it would have to be the beach.  There’s something serene and peaceful with the sounds of ocean waves crashing and seagulls squawking.  As an interior designer in Orange County, California, my work has taken me to several homes near the water.  From East Hampton, New York to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.  When designing a beach house or home on the water it only makes sense to bring the water elements into the interior design.

Living Room Coastal Interior Design
Living Room – Coastal Interior

If you are wanting to create a comfortable and laid back look to your coastal interior design project then read further for some key elements of coastal interiors.

Take a look at some of our completed projects on the beach (click on the links below to view)…

East Hampton, New York

Emerald Bay, Laguna Beach, California

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

If you have never experienced the beach on a personal level, look at magazines dedicated to coastal destinations, or better yet, contact a Coastal Interior Designer to take all the guess work out of it for you!

Living Room Nautical Design
Use Blue and White in Coastal Interiors

Key Elements of Coastal Interior Design


Coastal interiors and decorating on the beach mean different things to different people when it comes to choosing the furniture style.  The most important thing is to keep the design casual and simple.  Use materials such as reclaimed wood, bamboo or wicker furniture and keep in mind certain types of wood aren’t recommended for ocean air.  Try to incorporate stripes and patterns that relate to the beach.  For example, use navy blue and crisp white for that nautical look.  Linen fabrics are also a good choice for drapery and pillows.


Keep your wall colors light and airy.  This will help bring the true coastal experience into your home.  Soft color palettes work best for homes on the water.  Although I don’t typically like white walls…on the beach it gives you that clean, crisp feel.  White also works well as an accent on such architectural details such as wainscoting.


Less is better when considering a coastal interior design style.  However, if you are seeking privacy there are many window treatments available that can marry the two together nicely.  White shutters are a good choice as they will not only compliment the wainscoting, but will also provide you privacy when needed.


Stick with hard surfaces when decorating on the beach by using hardwood floors or tiles.  Clean and simple and uncluttered is best.  Lighter colors for hardwood and throw rugs will help bring the room together as well as hide the sand that may be tracked in from the beach.


This is a great area to bring in the details of coastal interiors.  Add small touches here and there that will bring these elements to life.  Add a net, use some rope or bring in some shells.  Stay on the lookout as you’re walking on the beach…an old piece of driftwood that has weathered from the constant beating of the waves is a great accent.  Use some live tropical plants such as giant birds of paradise or a kentia palm.  Use images of sailboats or rope in your artwork as shown below.

Sailboat Artwork
Accent with Nautical Artwork
Nautical Rope Artwork

Nautical Artwork


Rattan or wicker works nicely with lamps, or add another type of texture that reminds you of the coast, like sea shells.  Wrought iron is also a good choice to bring an element of metal to the room.

Coastal interior design is not only a fun and creative way to decorate, but it can also bring an element of Feng Shui into your home as the ambiance can be cathartic to your soul.  You will just breath easier in your new coastal interior surroundings as they remind you of the care free days at the beach.

Do you have any favorite tips or ideas that you like using when it comes to decorating on the beach?  Share some inspiration from your coastal interior design projects.  Send in some pics and comments…I’d love to see what you’re up to!

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Hello, I’m Joanna and I am a blogger for Arcadian Lighting, a premier online source for captivating interior and exterior lighting fixtures. My days are spent searching the web for beautiful interior design images and ideas to share on interior design blogs.  I’m honored to be writing a guest post for Christopher James Interiors.  Today I’ll be focusing on summery orange spaces. This hue translates well across all styles from modern to traditional.  It works well with many accent colors such as turquoise or pink.  I’ve collected images of several rooms below.  Be sure to comment and let me know which is your favorite.

Orange Living Room

An Asian inspired living room is dressed in vibrant orange and turquoise. The wallpaper ties the decor together beautifully.

Sun Room

Summer is in full bloom in this sunroom with deep orange walls and pink and white modern furniture. A hint of orange in the rug would be nice to anchor the colors.

Summery Orange Living Room

A modern space is layered in orange hues with just a hint of pastels in the artwork and rug. The pendant lights are especially pretty.

Orange Dining Room

A transitional dining room gets its own hint of orange on the tufted dining chairs and colorful artwork.

Contemporary Bedroom

This contemporary bedroom is dressed in crisp white with not-so-subtle orange accents. The headboard is particularly interesting.

Asian Inspired Bedroom

An Asian-inspired space boasts deep orange walls with light green panels.  Suzani print pillows tie the room’s colors together.  The nail head accented tables flanking the bed are a nice feature.

Orange Bedroom

A stunning bedroom has so many lovely elements such as the floral-infused walls and ceiling and the plethora of fabric on and surrounding the bed.  The orange hues cover the spectrum from pumpkin to the softest peach.  The beautiful pendant light mimics origami.

Minimalist Bedroom

This minimalist bedroom gets a jolt of energy from the bold orange on the walls and bed.

Orange is the perfect color for summer, so which one is your favorite?  Comment below and be sure to visit Arcadian Lighting for more helpful style and inspirations.

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There’s nothing like the combination of turquoise and orange to make a room come alive.  Although not a color combination you see every day in the interior design world, if you want that pop of color, this just may be the color scheme for you.  These two colors tend to take me to the beach.  They also remind me of a Caribbean trip I took a few years back to Old San Juan, Puerto Rico with the vibrant exteriors of the homes there.  So whatever it is, I’m drawn to it and when I find my perfect dream beach bungalow (pictured below…I wish!)…these two colors are going to get a room all to their own.

Turquoise and Orange on the Beach

Beach Cottage
My Dream Beach Bungalow

What a life!  Can you imagine waking up here and having your morning coffee!?  Here are a few beach inspired interiors using turquoise and orange

Orange Turquoise Beach Living Room Design

I love the pale blue walls in this room with the black and white artwork.  These two colors work great as just an accent against the bright white wainscoting and sofa.  Gives it such a crisp and clean look.

Orange turquoise color palette
Colors Pulled from the Sea

This is a color palette from  This is a great website to come up with some beautiful color palettes.  This butterfly fish has all the colors in it to inspire and create a colorful beachfront retreat.


This is so beautiful!  I’m liking the color of these walls too…with the embroidered sea fan on a piece of burlap in a shadow box as artwork.  The driftwood gives it a natural and organic feel.

Orange-Turquoise-Color-Palette with sea shells

Another color palette inspired by a grouping of seashells.


This vignette has such an eclectic feel with the combination of unique pieces. The orange elephant legged console table stands out beautifully in front of the aqua blue and white striped walls. The seashell lamps give just a touch of a coastal feel.

Orange-Turquoise-Console-Table-Interior Design

A modern take on coastal interior design with the streamlined white lacquered console table and frames showcasing sea fans.  Walls in a dark brown faux linen finish makes these lighter pieces really stand out.

Orange-Turquoise-Console-Interior-Color-PaletteThis is a great new feature that I found from Sherwin-Williams paint company.  Go to and drag the “chip it” button to your toolbar.  Now you can turn any picture, on any website, into a palette pulled from over 1,500 paint colors.  Pretty cool huh!?  So I took the picture used above and clicked the “chip it” button and voila, you’ve got your paint colors.  How about “Obstinate Orange”?  1. (adj.) obstinate firmly or stubbornly adhering to a purpose, opinion, or course of action.  I guess this orange is on a mission!  Orange ya glad I pointed this out!?  Okay focus again…

Asian Fusion Interiors using Turquoise and Orange


This bedroom design uses the color combination in a bold and vibrant way.  Compared to some of the other interiors that go on the lighter more subdued end of the spectrum.  I like both, and this room has a zen-like Asian flare with the use of the figurines and the pagoda style lamp base.


Here’s an Asian inspired living room design, but this palette is  much softer and serene looking.  The Chinoiserie throw pillows are set atop a classic french style sofa covered in a casual burlap style fabric.  The gold bamboo coffee table adds another element to the interior design.

Bedroom Interiors using Turquoise and Orange


This bedroom design uses the blue on the walls and accents with orange pillows and drapery.  Just enough without overdoing it.


This bedroom has a lot going on but I love the dark brown walls and the striped ceiling.  It has a tropical feel  with the palm linen print headboard and drapery, white caned bench at the end of the bed and the zebra rug.


A complete contrast to the previous bedroom design, this bedroom sets off the colors using the bright white walls and floors.  Very clean, crisp and fresh!




This vignette brings the ocean inside with the use of shells on the table.  The zebra ottoman introduces an African flare.  Kind of a juxtaposition of styles but it works.  Where’s the turquoise you ask…I know…so we’ll just say there’s a drop of blue in the wall color!  ;)


I absolutely love the color of this door! This is the type of vibrant color you see in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. Again, I used the “Chip It” button to create the palette for this photo.
Another vibrant combination of these colors. Most of the rooms using this color palette do the turquoise on the wall but if you want to get bold try reversing it. This room looks like it wood be on the other side of the door above.
What a great painting to backdrop this white sofa. This is inspiring me to get out my canvases and paint! Just in case you’re not inspired yet, here are a few mood boards to get you going…

Turquoise and Orange Inspiration



Love the drapery in this room with the coral border design. Pillows with a great pattern and some gerber daisies to complete the look.

Turquoise and Orange Fabrics

Orange-Turquoise-Chair-Pillow-InteriorThese fabrics are from the Indoor/Outdoor Taza Collection…a lot of great designs for your outdoor furniture.


So with all of this turquoise and orange inspiration, I know I’m ready to start a project using this color palette. Have you used these two colors in one of your projects? I’d love to see what you’ve done using these two beautiful colors.

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