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Chris Givan

Owner/Head Interior Designer

An eye for design at an early age, Chris recalls, “I have loved design for as long as I can remember. Not only interior design, but also fashion, automobile, and product design. Everything has its own unique design and that has always inspired me. I take that inspiration and apply it to my interiors.” Chris believes “good design is timeless and does not go out of style.” His unique sense of design and style keeps his clients returning over and over again.

After moving to New York City, Chris realized that he wanted to make a living doing what he was passionate about…creating spaces for people to enjoy.

He studied at the acclaimed New York School of Interior Design, which enabled him to connect the design dots of success. In 1998, Chris moved from the East Coast and began his interior design firm in Orange County, California. His trademark has become the juxtaposition of traditional and modern. Influenced by Italian and Mediterranean architecture, Chris incorporates wall finishes such as Venetian Plaster to provide depth and interest, as well as to add a touch of history. Chris’s mixture of modern and old world style embraces fabrics with textures, prints and patterns. He uses furnishings that are simple and streamlined, without being trendy or cold. His use of neutrals and earth-toned color palettes provide a calm and peaceful space. Accent pillows, strategically positioned artwork and other unique accessories are used to add a splash of color to his interiors. Other crucial aspects of his signature design style include music playing softly in the background, aromatic candles burning, and extraordinary pieces of furniture. Chris styles a room to stimulate all of the senses: touch, sound, sight and smell.

Bringing to life the client’s personal style requires not only a creative process, but a series of critical steps. Chris recognizes that understanding his clients’ needs and function of their space must remain his top priority from start to finish. He conducts in-depth interviews to interpret the goals and aspirations of his clients and then creates concept boards and floor plans to assist them with the visualization of his design ideas.